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  Hubei Yuanda Fuchi Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co.,Ltd (Fuchi Company for short) is a cross-industry and cross-regional national High-Tech enterprise in the comprehensive chemical area, with businesses in agrochemicals, fine chemicals and chemical pharmaceuticals. The headquarters is located in Huangshi city (an industrial city in the east of Hubei province), which possesses advantages in traffic, information and resources for its enjoying the use of the golden waterway of Yangtze River, the expressway of Shanghai-Chengdu, Beijing-Zhuhai and HangRui, and the railway of Beijing-Jiulong

We officially completed REACH Registration

 According to the import & export regulations of EU and customer's request, our product—nitromethane officially completed REACH Registration at Nov 2nd, which made us the only one who completed this registration in China, before that, we are also the leader who completed REACH pre-registration, welcome companies with relevant product demands to contact us for business cooperation.
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