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    Present annual productive capacity is 150,000tons industrial sulfuric acid, 50,000tons dimethyl sulfate and 7,000tons nitromethane.

  • 2010Year

    Joined China Grand Enterprise, became a member of GRANDPHARMA(CHINA) CO., LTD

  • 2008Year

    Annual output 2,000 tons of nitromethane project of Fubo Chemical launched Trial production

  • 2004Year

    The project of technical reform of the dimethyl sulfate production system started

  • 1997Year

    Became a state-run joint stock company with the approval of provincial commission for restructure.

  • 1993Year

    dimethyl sulfate operated in success

  • 1980Year

    Realize the goal of producing in clean and civilization after 10 years of efforts to combat waste

  • 1973Year

    The annual capacity after the technology improvement and innovation

  • 1970Year

    The foam absorption tower in sulfuric acid plant has been reformed, and this environmental technology innovation been fully affirmed by the National Chemical Division and applied nation-wide.

  • 1960Year

    Built a formal sulfuric acid, superphosphate production system

  • 1958Year

    First founded as a fertilizer plant in Huanggang area

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